Fermented Garden

Sofa King Sweet Ginger

5.5% ABV

Fresh Pressed Ginger Root, Filtered Water, Citrus Juice, with a special blend of spices and a touch of honey.

Sofa King Spicy

5.8% ABV

Craft ginger beer brewed with our blend of hand picked ginger, spices and citrus that is kicked up a notch.   Perfect for a hot summer day or a Moscow Mule.

Adulting Sucks

5.8% ABV

Fresh Pressed Ginger Root, Agave Nectar, Cactus, Lime juice, and a melody of zest and seasoning.

Redheads Have More Fun

5.8% ABV

Fresh Garden Carrots, Fresh Pressed Ginger with spices and a touch of Orange.

Hare of the Dog

5% ABV

Fresh Garden Carrots and meticulously chosen Hops for flavor (compared to a session IPA) with Dry Hopping.

Electric Coolaid

6% ABV

Fresh fermented  Jicama with a spicy Habanero kick, lightly sweetened with Agave Nectar.

Bayside Bomber

5.5% ABV

Mountain Basil, Coriander and Brewer’s Choice of Farmer’s Market freshly grown herbs.

Scorpion Fight

6.5% ABV

ABV Fresh Lemongrass, Chinese Bok Choy with Thai Chili Peppers for a kick.

The Wall

6% ABV

Fresh garden Cucumber, Lime juice and Mexican spices.

Boozy Seltzer

96 is the new 69

5% ABV

New low carb, 96 calorie boozy seltzer highlighted by citrus and and grapefruit taste.  Perfect for that active lifestyle.

Hard Lemonade

Flamingo Punch

5% ABV

Refreshing pink  hard lemonade with a subtle tartness made with pure filtered water. Gluten Free and Free Spirited.


Ginger Brew


Refreshing ginger brew with 5 simple ingredients: water, ginger, sugar, lime, and lemon